We wish to thank our speakers for their time and contribution to our Annual Conference.  They presented unique and insightful information on their specialist fields and research.
If you wish to make contact please email the ARNA Office who will be able to forward your enquiry.

Professor Alison Kitson
Professor Heidi Muenchberger
Dr Lauren Fortington
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Sam & Jenny Bailey
Further information on the other Speakers listed will be provided shortly.


"And you'll find the Emergency Trolley in the Milk Room" - Valerie Pick

Engaging nurses through clinical supervision - Mei Lau

Facilitating health behaviour change:  the future of group education - Brendon McDougall

Motivational concepts in rehabilitation for nurses and their patients - Jo-Anne Armstrong

Rehabilitation nursing role within interdisciplinary teamwork: the perspectives from nurses, patients, therapists and doctors - Jenny Liu

Rehabilitation of the cognitive impaired for quality of life - Elizabeth Soleil-Moudiky-Joh

Shift-to-shift nursing bedside handover education package in a geriatric and rehabilitation unit - Adriana Hada

Patient centred goal setting - Anne Renshaw

It's as easy as ABC - Fiona Russell

Oral Cares | The implementation of standardised oral hygiene management to reduce the incidence of Nosocomial Infection; and implications for further research and improved client outcomes - Inger Kwiecien & Ursula Monsiegneur

Only Presenters at the 2015 Conference who have provided permission to display their Abstracts, have been made available.  This is not the full compliment.



We wish to thank our sponsors who support us not just with this conference but during the year with Study and Training Days

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Photo Gallery

Attention all who attended the 2015 conference in Brisbane.  

If you have any photos you wish to upload onto the ARNA website in a photo gallery, please send them to [email protected]  We look forward to viewing your concepts of the event.

For further information please contact the ARNA office on 03 9895 4483 or by email.  
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