Lesley Brennan Spinal Rehabilitation Nursing Research Grant

In honour of Lesley Brennan and recognition of her abiding interest, contribution and commitment to spinal rehabilitation nursing as a specialty, the ARNA National Committee has established the Lesley Brennan Spinal Rehabilitation Nursing Research Grant.

The purpose of the Lesley Brennan Research Grant, is to provide financial assistance to members of ARNA for the purposes of conducting research in the area of spinal rehabilitation nursing.

The grant may be used for:

  • salary replacement to allow the ARNA member to complete the research project or specific research activities;
  • employment of a research assistant (e.g. to collect and collate data);
  • payment for services from another department/organization e.g. health information services and transcription services;
  • contracting a statistician or other relevant expert;
  • administrative costs (e.g. photocopying, printing, postage, ethics application fees);
  • telecommunications costs including phone and videoconferencing;
  • travel and accommodation costs for the purpose of data collection; or
  • computer software

The funding support of a Lesley Brennan Spinal Rehabilitation Nursing Research Grant must be acknowledged in all publications, presentations etc. resulting from research funded by this Grant.

Applying for a Grant

To apply, you must be a voting member of ARNA and have been a financial member for a minimum of two consecutive years prior to applying for a grant. 

Grants are awarded for an 18-month period from receipt of funding.  Requests for extensions of time to complete the research may be approved, but applications for extensions must be made before the end of the funding period. Grant monies not expended at the end of the 18-month funding period may be recovered by ARNA unless an extension of time has been granted.

Applications are assessed by the ARNA National Research Sub-Committee . The ARNA Board of Directors will invite members of Lesley Brennan’s family to participate in the assessment process. Successful applicants will be advised within 6 weeks of the close of applications.  Please refer to the full submission, application and report guidelines before applying.

In 2020 the closing date for applications is 30 October. Thereafter the closing date will be 31 March.


More Information


 For further information or assistance, please contact the ARNA Research Sub-Committee by email at arna@arna.com.au